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"’TV Dinner,’" ... is one of those songs. One of those songs that slaps you in the face in a good way. Smart, fast, furious, inspired, aggressive, literate and carrying a message, it forces you to listen, It grabs you by the throat, looks you right in the eye and says, ‘Pay attention, now, mother f**ker.’ The video does the exact same. Inspired by a 1955 Swanson commercial, the Technicolor madness that merges the visions of Tim Burton and David Lynch with a Patti Smith-inspired soundtrack turns the American dream upside down and shakes it from its ankles.” - Forbes


Today (April 9) Los Angeles’ rock band Holy Wars have released their latest single “TV Dinner” with a bold, eye-catching new music video. A twisted take on mid-century America, the track puts consumer culture on blast with singer Kat Leon’s searing vocals and biting lyrics.


Listen to “TV Dinner” on all streaming platforms here:


“‘TV Dinner’ is a fun, energetic punch to the face making you thrash around your bedroom while at the same time, spotlighting a societal meaning to the lyrics,” says Kat. “I wanted to write a song that conveys the message ‘we are what we eat’ and at times regurgitate mindlessly…touching upon brainwashing, misogyny, social injustice, a masked religion, the empty promise of an American Dream, and death of the paid artist where art and music is valued by a ‘like’ on a fleeting app. I even let the listener inside my personal life by paying homage to my late parents in lyrics, ‘Dad was an auto mechanic, Mom was a tarot reader, I got blue blood in the veins, sick heart, we got a bleeder…’ I was inspired to write this message as everyday we consume what is given to us via all media... news, social apps, television and yes... food.”

“TV Dinner” is the second single off the band’s highly anticipated debut full-length LP tentatively titled Eat It Up / Spit It Out. The track follows lead single “Little Godz” which was featured on Allison Hagendorf’s Spotify show “Rock This” (Ep 4 - with Bring Me The Horizon). It also appeared on “Best Rock Songs of 2020”, “New Alt” and “New Noise” playlists. Of the track, states, “The stylish amalgam of synth, rock, and dark pop showcases the sonic signature of the band, which comes together fluidly for ‘Little Godz.’ The modernity of the sound only serves to compliment the sentiment on the track – this is dark pop bolstered with rock heft.”


The video for “TV Dinner,” directed by Erin Naifeh (Hereditary, Stoker, Light As A Feather), is a wild ride into maniacal psychosis that is reminiscent of the trappings of human nature and society that 50’s and 60’s TV icon Rod Serling warned of in the classic series The Twilight Zone©. The video premiered in Forbes this morning stating the track “slaps you in the face in a good way. Smart, fast, furious, inspired, aggressive, literate and carrying a message, it forces you to listen…The video does the exact same.”


“We open up with a parody of a real 1955 TV Dinner commercial where it reeks of misogyny,” Kat continues. “This commercial inspired our opening to the video where we start with the typical American dynamic of the average household in 1955 and as the song starts, we are now in the mind of [Kat] Leon as she stands so poised holding that TV dinner next to her husband [Jake Handler] while in her mind, the lyrics to the song are given life from one second to the next as if turning the channels in her head… Once the song and ride ends you have to watch it again because surely you missed something.”


Holy Wars is: vocals and lyrics, Kat Leon; guitarist and producer, Nicolas Perez; and drums, Greg Garman.

Additional Music Video Credits:
1st AC: Francisco Dominguez
Hair/Makeup: Erin Day
Additional filming by Ben Davies
Green screen by Adam Murphy
Filmed at RagDoll Palace
Commercial filmed at Schecter Guitars Research



Holy Wars’ music expands genres with a sound that feels like a punch to the face. Unapologetically honest with clever, thought provoking lyrics over a driving, aggressively fun and energetic body. The imagery behind the music tells even more of the story through their creative approach to style and artistic visuals revealing a commentary of the self and society. They connect so deeply to the listener which in turn has made a long lasting fan feel more like family.


Holy Wars is vocalist/songwriter Kat Leon and guitarist/producer Nicolas Perez (Poppy, The Beta Machine, Kitten). Their story begins with the loss of Kat Leon's late parents inspiring their debut EP Mother Father. Following this, Holy Wars would erupt with explosive music dripping with gritty guitar tones, Leon’s incredible vocal range laced with a fusion of dark pop, indie rock, punk and hip hop.


As accomplished writers/composers for tv/film, they have garnered an incredible and authentic versatility in their music that makes them unique and leaves you wanting more.




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