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New speaker/subwoofer sound system delivers vibrant, room-filling sound, perfect for use as recording monitor, or as high-fidelity sound system for televisions and portable devices



Cumberland RI, USA (December 17, 2015)— M-Audio (, synonymous with innovative music production technology, today announced the immediate availability of its new AV32.1 2.1-channel powered sound system. The AV32.1 is a complete high-performance sound system that delivers deep, lifelike, full-range sound. It is ideal for use with TVs, computers, portable music players or any device that has analog or digital outputs.


The system is comprised of two compact speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The speakers each use a 3-inch high-definition polypropylene driver for accurate midrange reproduction and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter in M-Audio’s exclusive OptImage™ IV Waveguide for pristine highs and precise acoustic imaging.


The AV32.1 subwoofer has an internal custom-equalized amplifier with a down-firing, long-excursion


6 ½-inch woofer that delivers high-impact bass down to 36Hz (-3dB). Completing the system is a compact and convenient remote control that powers the system on or off, adjusts the volume and provides a sub bypass option.

This is also an ideal system for monitoring and mixdown use. The two speakers deliver musically-accurate, detailed sound so the user can clearly hear what’s on the recording, while the subwoofer bypass mode on the remote control enables the user to do an instant A-B check of how the recording sounds with or without a subwoofer.



3-channel amplifier in sub cabinet powers the subwoofer and two speakers Digital (optical), analog RCA and TRS inputs for connection to virtually any equipment Subwoofer uses powerful down-firing 6 ½-inch woofer in ported enclosure for deep bass to 36Hz

Speakers have 3-inch polypropylene midrange drivers and 1-inch silk dome tweeters Remote control switches unit in and out of standby, adjusts volume, and bypasses sub Cables included to connect speakers to subwoofer and system to your personal music player


“The AV32.1 delivers a level of rich, lifelike acoustic performance from a compact form factor that is just absolutely unexpected at this price point,” said JC Sutherland, Product Manager for M-Audio. “Add to that the AV32.1’s full complement of connection options and its remote control with subwoofer bypass and you have a sound system that really fills an urgent need for a high-performance, affordable sound system that is well-suited to both small recording studios and home entertainment use.”


Retail pricing is $199 USD. Availability is immediate.

About M-Audio

M-Audio ( began as Midiman, a driving force in the desktop recording revolution that followed the introduction of MIDI in the 1980s. Today, M-Audio has evolved into one of the most revered names in computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and all manner of essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors.


M-Audio is a proud member of the inMusic family (

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