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Artists Agree, StompLight, the World’s First Lighting Effects Pedal Helps Performances Pop

New California-based music LEP innovation company set to democratize stage lighting for performers.


Half Moon Bay, Calif., December 8, 2015 ‒ StompLight International, a pioneering lighting effects pedal (LEP) technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area, announced the availability of their flagship product StompLight. StompLight is a portable unit, small enough to fit onto or by the side of a pedal board, in a DJ booth or as part of any minimalist stage set-up that produces dozens of colorful lighting effects at the click of a button.


“StompLight will change the way that artists and musicians perform, rehearse and record music,” StompLight Founder Michael Ahern said. “StompLight’s' patented design and integrated Cree LED lighting array promises musicians, DJ’s and theatrical performers fantastic stage lighting with the convenience of' a single effects pedal.”



StompLight is a portable and easy-to-use tool that produces dozens of lighting effects including a color organ mode, Color wheel mode, instrument input mode, and strobe light mode, and houses a built-in microphone with Adjustable input gain that is perfect for acoustic musicians, live bands, DJ’s or responding to house music.


StompLight is already being embraced by musicians like James Nash, singer and guitarist for The Waybacks, and


Ronny Crawford, drummer and sound engineer for artists like Lisa Loeb and Vanessa Williams. Also ideal for street performers, videographers and photographers, StompLight is a versatile and affordable lighting effects device.


“The lighting makes the difference between whether you’re background music, or whether you’re the show. Playing in the dark, its hard to notice the band. When the lights are jumping out at you, the music jumps out at you,” Nash said. “Lights are usually big and bulky and a hassle to set up, but StompLight is easy and ready to use when I need it.”


Grensta, an on-the-rise DJ and House musician from San Francisco, and rock guitarist James Fraser are also fans of using StompLight for their performances.


“If' you’ve got a sweet lighting rig going, it’s definitely adding to the performance,” said Grensta. “It’s an exponentially better experience because people are entertained not only by the music, but when the lighting goes with the music it’s all around a great show.”'


“It’s cool to have lights that are reactionary to what’s going on musically,” said Fraser. “Light is just as much a form Of communication as music is. This is a very cool product, and I’m a big fan.”


See these and other testimonials at Designed and manufactured in California, StompLight will be given its first public outing at the upcoming Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Calif. in January 2016.

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