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JANUARY 13, 2016 - GoGo Tuners debuts their latest product, the GoGo Horizon Pedal Tuner. The new tuner features a larger screen than previous models, and the first horizontal screen offered by GoGo Tuners. The compact pedal also keeps popular features intact for which GoGo Tuners are known, such as pitch calibration and tight tuning accuracy, as well as durability and ease of use. The Horizon Pedal Tuner will be available starting in February through dealers and distributors worldwide.  

The new Horizon tuning pedal has a calibration function with wide reference pitches from 430Hz to 450Hz, allowing for tighter tuning accuracy. It uses chromatic tuning with +/- .5-cent accuracy and a wide detection range of A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4186.00Hz). The pedal is equipped with true bypass and can also provide daisy chain power for other pedals. The new Horizon tuning pedal captures the ‘bigger is better’ philosophy with a new, larger high-definition big screen easily visible in all lighting situations, perfect for any stage or studio. With GoGo’s signature “green you’re in, red you’re out”, tuning becomes easy by eliminating any of the guesswork when tuning, which appeals to players of all levels. The entire display changes green when you are in tune, and red when you are out of tune. The pedal tuner features a metal chassis for improved durability and a longer lifetime of performance.  

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MAP: $99 USD  

About GoGo Tuners  

GoGo Tuners is company started by professional musicians that specialize in instrument tuners. When GoGo began building tuners, they emphasized four key concepts: usability, readability, durability, and accuracy. With these four objectives in mind, GoGo has become a go-to tuner of many touring professionals and a favorite of casual players. To learn more about GoGo Tuners, visit them at their website  

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