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Lita Ford

10/04/2012, The Canyon, Agoura Hills


Lita Rocks the Canyon By Amber Paresa  


I went to a party last Saturday night! Well actually it was a Thursday night when Lita Ford took the stage at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills to deliver a searing set of her classic hits and new material. It was my first experience at the club and I dug it. Big Buddha greeted me at the entrance, 2 bars no waiting and groovy lighting set the tone. The crowd varied from a fifty something Canadian who flew in for the rockers past 3 shows to the ten year old girl staring star struck at her axe wielding hero.


Lita33.jpg“The Bitch Is Baaack” was Fords smiling introduction to her eager fans as she hit the stage in a tight leather jumpsuit with black widow markings. Her killer riffs drew the crowd closer as the energy between artist and audience continued to grow thru the night. “Hungry”, “Relentless” and my personal favorite from the new album “Living Like a Runaway” never gave fans a chance to catch their breath. “Devil In My Head”, “Back To The Cave” and “Can’t Catch Me” were all reminders of just who was the bad ass in the room. Lita has a close connection with her fans and the intimacy of the club made the perfect setting. When she asked for a little help with her smash hit with Ozzy Osbourne “Close My Eyes Forever” the crowd was more than ready to play the role.  



All good things must come to an end, but not before the climax the audience and this photographer was waiting for- come on pretty baby “Kiss Me Deadly”! Aah there it was! The MTV video that drove my mother crazy because of course listening to Lita on anything less than 11 would be an injustice. I have to say that I still get giddy when I have the honor to photograph my rock icons. As I sipped my ceremonial post show beer, I reflected on the evening and believe I can sum it up pretty easily. Lita Rocks. The end.


Al Photos: Amber Paresa

Special thanks to Jon Freeman of Freeman Promotions LLC and Bobby Collin of Morey Management for making this review possible.  


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