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Neil Young + Promise of the Real

10/10/2015, Santa Barbara Bowl

Neil Young + Promise of the Real brought the Rebel Content Tour to the Santa Barbara Bowl on Saturday, October 10

All Photos: Steve Kennedy   


The Rebel Content Tour presents Neil Young + Promise of the Real – Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar), along with Micah Nelson (guitar, vocals), Anthony Logerfo (drums), Corey McCormick (bass/vocals) and Tato Melgar (percussion). Neil and Promise of the Real played together at the Bold Nebraska /Cowboys and Indians Alliance event last year along with Lukas and Micah's father Willie Nelson. They had such an instant synergy that Neil invited them to record his new album The Monsanto Years with him.  


The first leg of the Rebel Content Tour has drawn a truly overwhelming response to Young + Promise of The Real’s amazing energy. Ranging from solo acoustic, to full band acoustic, to full on raging rock jams these 2-to-3 hour, ever changing “dream set lists” feature material from both The Monsanto Years and Young’s entire catalogue and have left audiences enthralled.  


"The ever-evolving ruby in the dust is back this summer, playing a mix of old and new songs with an enthusiastic backing band that includes the sons of the legendary Willie Nelson. The group unleashed a blistering 22+ song set that had a little something for everybody. Unlike those of some of his contemporaries a Neil Young concert never feels like a "greatest hits" money grab. Even when he's playing his classics, he invests them with the same passion and intensity that has drawn fans to him throughout his long career." -- Relix

"The show started out folkie and familiar and grew in electric intensity and volume as the evening proceeded. Young let the music do the talking. The musicians acquitted themselves with garage-band raggedness and youthful enthusiasm. Young still remains a commanding and often electrifying performer, one of the great instinctual rock artists and guitarists of all time." - The Boston Globe


"The band plays like a younger, scrappier version of Young's own Crazy Horse. Young's ragged and lived in, his voice a haunting yowl that's only grown more honest with age. He wears his rust well." - Detroit News

"Young is incapable of giving a bad performance simply because he's so committed to his music and his unique tenor voice is in fine form." - New Jersey Herald.

"Young has been sounding the alarm about environmental issues for more than four decades now. He's warned us...That kind of honesty has been at the heart of his music. It's the warts-and-all passion that inspires us to hang with Young down any road he wanders." - Rolling Stone  





Once again, "Neil’s Village " an alliance of regional grassroots organizations, advocates and national non-profits has joined this leg of the Rebel Content Tour. "Neil’s Village" is set up on concourse level at each of the venues and is engaging attendees in sharing issues of sustainability and action.  

FUTURE OF FARMING TENT: Focusing on the regenerative power of soil in bioremediation and carbon sequestration and for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.


EARTH ECOLOGY TENT: Focusing on biodiversity and how the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to nature and the diversity of wild plants and animals.


BAN GMO TENT: GMO free advocates for sustainable food and ecological systems, supporting the people's right to know what's in their food and supporting the right for all people to have access to clean food and water.


FREEDOM & JUSTICE TENT: Collective coalitions of individuals committed to working together to end corporate personhood, the prioritizing of corporations over people and taking a stand for true democracy.


ENERGY & CLIMATE TENT: Providing "solutions" to climate change, information about actions and promoting social justice as inextricably linked to a healthy environment


NEWS YOU CAN TRUST TENT: The ultimate newsstand to peruse, turning people on to news publications they actually can trust.


PONO TENT: While Pono, Neil's hi Res music player and music provider, doesn't directly relate to sustainability, it does relate to quality of life. Pono players will be available for concertgoers to hear the difference for themselves and Pono representatives will be on hand to explain the player's features  


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