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The Flaming Lips

10/06/2017, Santa Barbara Bowl

The Flaming Lips brought their incredible live show to the Santa Barbara Bowl on Friday, October 6. The band are touring in support of their acclaimed album Oczy Mlody


All Photos : Steve Kennedy        

Three-time Grammy-Award winners, THE FLAMING LIPS are one of the most enduring, influential,unpredictable, and globally respected bands of their generation. Led by Wayne Coyne, they have been cited as the ultimate live attraction and life-affirming festival band who continue to dazzle audiences with their over-the-top, maximalist, high-energy onslaught on the senses. Their elaborate live shows feature costumes, balloons, puppets, video projections, complex stage light configurations, giant hands, large amounts of confetti, and Coyne's signature man-sized plastic bubble, in which he traverses the audience.


The Flaming Lips released a brand new video for the track "Almost Home (Blisko Domu)" in August. The video was filmed in The Lips' hometown of Oklahoma City and was directed by Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. "Almost Home (Blisko Domu)," a track from the band's current and critically acclaimed album Oczy Mlody, is presented here in cinematic form and features a typically Lipsian fantasy sequence nearly ten minutes in length. Members of The Lips star in the video, which culminates in a live performance crescendo.


The Flaming Lips are touring in support of their acclaimed album Oczy Mlody, as well as its companion album On Board the International Space Station Concert for Peace.


In 2002, Q magazine named The Flaming Lips one of the "50 Bands to See Before You Die."


In recent news, Coyne created a life-sized, three-dimensional, Gummy self-portrait for the current exhibition at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). On view through Labor Day, September 4, AVAM’s Yummm! The History, Fantasy, and Future of Food thematically explores humankind’s multi-layered relationship with food by showcasing food-centric artworks from dozens of visionary artists, including Coyne, who made his museum debut at AVAM in 2015.


In April, The Lips released their Record Store Day 2017 exclusive orange vinyl, On Board The International Space Station Concert for Peace, also available now on black vinyl and CD and digitally here and here. It features seven live(ish) tracks from Oczy Mlody reimagined as a fictional/fantastical live Flaming Lips performance on the International Space Station.



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