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Bon Iver

All Tiny Creatures

04/22/2012, Santa Barbara Bowl

Last night, April 22nd was my first evening at the Santa Barbara Bowl for the 2012 Season. I still believe that there is no better place to see a show.



Photos and Review by Amanda Peacock

The opening band was ALL TINY CREATURES and they began their set when it was still light outside. I always feel a little sorry for the openers because sometimes they don't get the benefit of the great lighting that the Bowl provides. None the less, it was a nice choice of bands to start the evening. All Tiny Creatures played about a 45 minute set to a 2/3 full venue. This band has been said to "capture the mood of a sunrise, the hum of a factory line, and the swirl inside your mind, all at once". It has also been described as "Truly modern music", with which I agree. As they began their last song, they told the audience that "This is the most beautiful place we have ever played". I have to say that I enjoyed their entire set.


Next up were 2012 Grammy Winners for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album, BON IVER. The band consists of Justin Vernon (Lead Vocals), Michael Noyce (Vocals, Baritone Guitar, Guitar), Matthew McCaughan (Bass, Drums, Vocals), and Sean Carey (Drums, Vocals, Piano).


The set change over was quick, and they added some artistic lighting directly in front of the band’s set-up which looked like "stalks with bulbs on top" at different heights. I had seen this set-up from their You Tube videos from Coachella the weekend prior. It turned out that the lights lit up 'off and on' along to the music beats, which definitely added to the experience. Extra Tid-Bit: The Bands name was derived from a French phrase 'bon hiver' meaning "good winter" or "have a good winter".


The evening was truly fun and entertaining. Actually, all of the shows that I see/shoot at the Santa Barbara Bowl are. Both bands met and exceeded my expectations.

Very Special Thanks: Jesse Lee Weiss

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